The ChuckIt Ultra Ball - Doghouse
ChuckIt Ultra Ball - Doghouse
ChuckIt Ultra Ball - Doghouse
ChuckIt Ultra Ball - Doghouse

ChuckIt Ultra Ball

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No ordinary ball, designed for the most demanding use.

This classic, durable ball has been developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy and high visibility for fun in the water and on land... a reliable, resilient ball if you have a destroyer dog who likes to chew!

Chuckit! Ultra Balls are no ordinary balls!

Designed for the most demanding use, these exceptionally durable balls are highly visible, incredibly bouncy, will float in water and will travel seriously long distances when combined with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher (sold separately).

A small hole hidden on the surface of the ball allows air to enter and escape from the ball, so that whenever your dog has a cheeky chew, the ball will inflate and return to its original shape no matter how hard they compress it.

Made from natural rubber, the Chuckit! Ultra Balls will last longer than ordinary tennis balls.

Key Features:

  • Natural & Durable: Made with an extra-thick rubber core
  • High-Visibility: The bright blue and orange is easily visible outdoors
  • Very Bouncy: Encourages dog to leap and jump
  • Floats in Water: Lightweight rubber is highly buoyant
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth rubber surface resists mess and can be easily washed

Three sizes available:

  • Small 4.8cm
  • Medium 6.5cm
  • Large 7.3cm

Compatible with the ChuckIt Launcher.

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