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F U L L   G R O O M

from £50

Tailored to your dog’s specific needs, this groom starts with a free health check followed by a thorough two-wash bath using WildWash natural shampoo, fluff-dry and brush out. Your dog will then be styled to the Breed Standard or a Personality Cut to suit along with a nail trim, ear and eye area clean, paw pad clean and hygiene area trim.

W A S H   &   D E - S H E D

from £40

Perfect for dogs that are shedding heavily. We deep clean your dog's coat using a special de-shedding shampoo, blast off any loose hair with our high velocity driers and brush out as much hair as we can. Your furry friend will leave feeling fresh as a daisy and your home will be less hairy as a result!

P U P P Y   W A S H

from £45

The grooming salon can be a noisy place with lots of new experiences for the young dog to contend with, this first wash is designed to gently introduce your puppy to this new environment. During the first visit we show them the tools we use and reward them for their bravery with lovely treats and lots of reassurance. This is followed up with a wash using our lovely WildWash Puppy shampoo, a fluff dry and a tidy up of the face, feet and hygiene areas. Find out more here how to prepare your puppy for grooming.

W A S H   &   G O

from £30

Perfect for dogs in need of a quick spruce when you don’t want the mess at home. Bring your dog in for a thorough wash using WildWash natural shampoos, followed by a free health check and a quick dry with our blaster to remove the wetness and brush out to remove loose hairs. Your dog will leave slightly damp but smelling gorgeous! NEW: now includes a nail clip!

N A I L   C L I P P I N G

from £15

Keep those nails short and neat with regular nail trims.

T E R M S   &   C O N D I T I O N S

We will always sit down with you before your groom and talk through with you what you'd like out of your dog's groom. In this consultation you can tell us what kind of style you'd like your dog to look or inform us of any health problems that we need to be aware of. Appointments missed or cancelled at short notice will be charged at full price. Details of our cancellation, grooming and matted dogs policies can be found here. Grooming prices listed here are only a guide and may vary depending on size coat type, condition and temperament.

If you would like to know the specific price of a groom for your dog's breed, simply give us a call on 01225 864767 and we'll be happy to help.

If you are a new customer, please fill in our online form to be added to our grooming waiting list and we will be in touch once we reopen to new customers.

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Bonnie's Full Groom:

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