chuckit sport ball launcher
chuckit sport ball launcher
chuckit sport ball launcher
chuckit sport ball launcher

Chuckit Sport Ball Launchers

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Chuckit! Sport Ball Launchers

Quite simply the best range of Launchers available on the market. Comprehensive range of sizes and designs for hands free, 'no slobber' pick-up. Chuckit! Ball Launchers throw faster and further!

  • Comes with a Chuckit Tennis Ball
  • Excellent range of high quality Launchers
  • Durable plastic designs with ergonomic handles
  • Range of throwing distances and ball sizes
  • The longer the Launcher the further the throw!
  • Assorted colours Blue, Green and Orange

Sport Launcher

Sporty look and feel with excellent grip, making it possible to launch the ball with accuracy, distance and control. Available in 2 lengths and 2 balls sizes. 

The Sport Ball Launcher allows you to throw up to 3x further than your average throw; ideal for active dogs and wide open spaces.

Designed with a sporty look and an excellent grip for maximum comfort and efficiency, the Chuckit! Sport Ball Launcher is a hassle free launcher that allows for a no-slobber, hands free pick-up. 

Size Guide

Small 14 - Compatible with any Chuckit! Small Ball. Throw 2x as far! For small dogs only.

Medium 12Compatible with any Chuckit! Medium Ball. Throw 1.5x as far!