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Doghouse have compiled a list of our best sellers that Sausage Dog owners just can't seem to get enough of...


Sausage Dogs are some of our most popular canine customers, we love seeing them wander into our shop to sniff out their favourite treats and toys. Admittedly sometimes we almost miss them, all the way down there, with those tiny legs! 

Their short legs and long body make them a uniquely shaped dog, meaning accessories often have to be personalised to their breed. We’ve put together a list of must-haves for any Dachshund owner, perfect for treating your dog on their birthday or even a little treat 'just because'. We’ve had fantastic feedback from Sausage Dog owners on these products so we know you’ll love them too.

You can shop all of these goodies directly from our website by clicking the image. Happy shopping!


Dachshund Stripy T-Shirt For Dogs

dachshund stripy t shirts 

These brand new t-shirts for your Dachshund are the perfect summer staple. We're thinking staycation vibes... just imagine your little Dachshund running on the beach in Cornwall in one of these! Or keeping warm at night while camping in the New Forest, or looking right on trend while boating in Devon. Is there anything cuter? I think not. Perfectly lightweight, stretchy breathable fabric, that's specially designed for Dachshund's long bodies. And all handmade in the UK. Pretty neat.

From £26.


Dachshund Fleece Jumper

dachshund fleece jumper


Of course, the classic… The Dachshund Fleece Jumper. What sausage dog owner could be without? These fleeces are fantastic for keeping your Dachshund cosy and warm. No more shivering sausages! Doghouse have taken over the Dachshund division from Redhound for Dogs so we're making all of these gorgeous fleeces and the coats below in-house. That means lots more fleeces available and less selling out so quickly!

From £24.


Dachshund Quilted Coat

warm quilted waterproof handmade coat for a dachshund to keep them dry


Next up is the Quilted Dachshund Coat from Redhound for Dogs. These coats keep your Sausage Dogs warm and dry, and you can even wear them over your Dachshund Fleece Jumper for the ultimate cosy walk! Easy to get on with a simple popper at the front, there’s no more struggling with your pup to get it over their head. Comes in a super stylish array of colours with pretty patterned edging for the most stylish hound around.

From £44.


 Lunas Reflective Raincoat

 trixie dog raincoat reflective

Now we all know Dachshund’s are scent hounds, bred to use their nose to sniff out badgers and rabbits. This comes with the slight problem that they like to run off into the undergrowth and hard-to-see places. This is where the Lunas Raincoat becomes exceptionally useful. It’s the most reflective dog raincoat we’ve ever seen, simply shine a torch in their direction and they light up like your neighbour’s house at Christmas time. They come in a range of sizes so grab your tape measure and see which is best for your Dachshund.

From £34.


 Hurtta Downpour Suit

 best waterproof coats for dachshunds - hurtta downpour suit

If your Dachshund is one that absolutely hates the rain, the Hurtta Downpour Suit is the one for you. Completely waterproof, this coat keeps your dog’s back, neck, undercarriage and legs dry. It has lots of poppers and toggles that make it super adjustable so you can find the exact fit for your dog. The two sizes 40XS and 45XS are designed specifically for Dachshunds and their extra small leg length.



Snappy Doodlebone Harness

snappy doodlebone best harness for Dachshunds

This brilliant little harness is a not-over-the-head accessory, the perfect harness for Dachshunds. By Doodlebone, the Snappy harness does exactly what it says on the tin... it simply 'snaps' into place and off you go! The comfortable mesh fabric is breathable and cushy, with no bits that rub or dig into your dog's fur like some other harnesses might do. It even includes a reflective piping strip for extra safety so your pup can always be seen. Available in a bright selection of colours!



Oscar and Hooch Soft Vegan Suede Collars


Best Collars for Dachshunds - Vegan Suede Oscar and Hooch Dog Collars 

Doghouse have been selling these striking dog collars for years and they certainly have our respect. They come in a wide range of bright colours to suit any dog, even including a Neon Range, and their signature stripe really makes them stand out. Made from a vegan, cruelty free suede, paired with with a sturdy stainless steel buckle, this is the ultimate dog collar for your Dachshund. You won't believe how soft they are, but just take our word for it, you won't have felt anything like it! They of course, come with Matching Leads too.

From £15.


Sack of Sausages with Personalised Label

 jr pets pates, gifts for dachshunds

Well we couldn’t do a list of must-haves for Sausage Dogs without mentioning exactly that... Sausages! This bundle of JR Pets Real Meat Pate's are perfect for using in interactive toys such as Kongs, K9 Connectables or LickiMats. Simply cut up into pieces and spread onto their favourite toy for a long lasting, brain stimulating game. Comes in a wide range of flavours and their very own personalised label.



 Earthbound Dachshund Snuggle Bed

 earthbound dog bed for dachshunds

Is there anything cuter than this Earthbound Dachshund bed? Forget sheep, your pup will drift off whilst counting lots of mini Dachshunds… adorable! Super soft, super sturdy and this bundle even comes with a free teddy bear to be your dog’s new best friend. As Dachshund’s love burrowing, they can snuggle underneath this fleecy Earthbound Stitched Blanket while they sleep. The bed comes in a bright red or stylish grey colour and the blankets come in a wide range of colours.

From £85.


 String of Sausages Dog Toy

 string of sausages dog toy for tug of war

More sausage themed dog goodies, this time… TOYS! This string of sausages is bound to brighten you and your dog’s day. Great for tug-of-war, throwing, chewing and playing. Each silly sausage features a different face and the rope in the middle is super strong which means no breakages when tugging!



Hugo and Hudson Puffer Jackets


Dachshund Puffer Jackets


These Puffer Jackets are a new launch for 2021 for Doghouse, but, boy, are you all big fans! We've had such a brilliant response to these fantastic jackets that are waterproof, warm, lightweight and machine washable. They keep your Dachshund's undercarriage perfectly dry on walks and the zip makes it super easy to get on and off. Now the only hard choice is choosing the colour!

From £34.


That's all folks. This collection of goodies is bound to make one happy hound and one happy owner!

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