Do I Need to Brush my Poodle-Cross Breed Everyday?


Well the simple answer is... yes!


Claire and Pablo from Doghouse show you how to groom your poodle-cross pup everyday in this fabulous video tutorial. Brush along with them! Pablo is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle) so he has curls in his coat due to the poodle mix.

You may be wondering... How often should I brush my poodle mix dog? Does my curly coat dog need daily brushing? Will brushing hurt my dog?

Doodle coats are renowned for being rather tricky to maintain due to their curly nature, but a few minutes a day of brushing will keep them looking their best.

Daily brushing also helps knots and matts from forming, so even if your dog does not like it at the beginning, there are lots of tips and tricks you can do to desensitise them and they'll get used to it in no time! Getting your dog used to daily brushing will stop them from being in pain when visiting the groomers and will make it a more positive experience all round.

So we can't emphasise it enough... please brush your poodle mix/curly coated dogs EVERY DAY!

We sell a great selection of slicker brushes here at Doghouse, which we really recommend for using on curly coats.

Since lock down has reduced visits to the groomers, it's even more vital to keep up with your home grooming schedule. Ensuring your dog's coat is regularly brushed at home will make their next visit to the groomers easier on your dog and their groomer!


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