LickiMat™ - for Cats
LickiMat™ - for Cats
LickiMat™ - for Cats
LickiMat™ - for Cats
LickiMat™ - for Cats
LickiMat™ - for Cats

LickiMat™ - for Cats

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LickiMat Casper is perfect for serving raw food, wet food and delicious treats to your feline friend.

Enrich your cats life with a LickiMat. Make every meal as satisfying as feeding on wild caught food.

How to use LickiMat

Best used with wet and raw food or spreadable treats. Spread your cat's soft food or treat over the mat surface with the back of a spoon or spatula. Ensure food is nicely embedded in the surface. Experiment with different foods and treats.

Treat Suggestions 

Raw meat, fish, your cats favourite wet food, canned fish, crushed pet biscuits softened with water (for added hydration) or the highly recommended LickiMat Sprinkles for Cats for Cats. 

LickiMat Benefits

  • Mimic cats predatory feeding
  • Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health
  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums
  • Whisker friendly (no more stress)
  • Allows crouching while feeding
  • Makes a small meal or treat last longer
  • Suitable for all Cats
  • Freezer safe / Microwave proof
  • Non Toxic

We will try our best to meet your colour preference but if out of stock we will replace with another colour.

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