JR Pets Puppy Bundle from 4 Weeks
JR Pets Puppy Bundle from 4 Weeks

JR Pets Puppy Bundle from 4 Weeks

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Puppy Treat Bundle - Suitable from 4 Weeks

The 4 Week JR Puppy Starter Pack is full of treats that your puppy will go crazy for, all hypoallergenic and completely natural! Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over, it is the perfect starter pack for your latest family member.

Bringing your four legged family member home can feel quite daunting at first as you navigate the world of treats and toys and everything 'dog'! This bundle takes the stress away, as you can rest easy knowing that treats are 100% suitable for puppies 4 weeks and older.

Puppy treat bundle includes:

80g Lamb Paté – 100% Lamb Meat
1 Pack Ostrich Treats – 100% Ostrich Meat
80g Salmon Paté – 100% Salmon Meat
1 Pack Venison Sticks – 100% Venison Meat
3 Duck Coins – 100% Duck Meat

From time to time, these treats may be substituted for different flavours but they will always be 100% natural, JR pets and suitable for 4 weeks and above.


Natural dental chew

Easy to digest

Grain and gluten free

Low Fat

High Protein


Suitable for puppies from only 4 weeks old


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