Francois Le Frog - Doghouse
Francois Le Frog - Doghouse
Francois Le Frog - Doghouse

Green & Wilds Eco Toy Francois Le Frog

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Francois Le Frog 

This little guy is sure to brighten up your dog’s playtime and provide them with hours of fun. Made from suede and sustainable jute by Green & Wilds, this frog is tough and long lasting. But there is no need to worry about any harsh chemicals being released when they are chewing, as there is no compound added to the production of these cute toys.

Despite this product being designed for durability, it is a play toy only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys. Please remove if your dog tries to swallow pieces or chunks as no toy is indestructible.

Size Guide

23cm in length.

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