Fantastic Foam Ball - Doghouse
Fantastic Foam Ball - Doghouse

Fantastic Foam Ball

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If you have a destroyer dog this is the ball you need.  This humble ball (can a ball be humble?!) is one of our most durable toys. A foam ball that is virtually indestructible, note the virtually, we wouldn't be so bold as to claim it is completely indestructible.... but we have sold in excess of a thousand of these dog balls and have not yet had one complaint! So one cannot help but feel a little confidence in the durability of this simple foam ball.

We do offer a guarantee on this ball too, so if your dog is the first dog that manages to destroy it then we will replace or refund as you so wish! (But we'd love to see a photo of evidence because I'm not sure we'd believe you otherwise!)

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Colour may vary between yellow or purple.

This lightweight ball bounces and floats and is available in two sizes;

Small 7cm diameter
Large 9cm diameter