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Calming Remedy for Pets

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Pet Remedy Calming Diffusers and Sprays

This calming remedy is great for all stressful situations to help your dog relax...

  • Ideal for treating anxiety and stress in pets
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, horses, and other mammals and birds. It will also have equally beneficial effects on humans!
  • Naturally calming based on special blend of essential oils, including Valerian, Vetivert (from Hawaii), Basil Sweet and Sage.
  • Use in conjunction with Pet Remedy Spray for best results
  • PH neutral, so harmless if accidentally sprayed on pet
  • Calms but non-sedating

How It Works

Active ingredients in Valerian are Valerinic acid and Valerenol. Clinical studies have shown these substances de-stress and calm pets by enhancing production of a neurotransmitter called GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid).

GABA has an inhibitory effect (ie. Calms the nerve); and is a natural chemical produced by the brain, transmitted from nerve to nerve as a chemical calming message when the body is stressed.

Proven Results

A study in the Neuropharmacology journal (2009) shows GABA receptors having an affinity for Valerinic acid and Valerinol, and shows them to have a marked anti anxiety effect in mammals.

How To Use the Diffuser

Unscrew bottle cap and insert bottle firmly into plug-in diffuser.
Leave switched on for duration of treatment which is 6 - 8 weeks. Diffuser is 40ml.

How to Use the Spray

Relax your stressed out pet naturally with a spritz of this non-sedating spray on their bedding, or any material close to them such as their favourite blankets.

Stress can be triggered by:

  • Fireworks
  • New pet in home
  • New home
  • Changes in home
  • Loud noises
  • Travel/Visit to Vets
  • Loss of companion
  • Change in routine
  • Alone at home

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