The Top 6 Tough Toys for Destroyer Dogs


If you're used to coming home to a living room full of stuffing... this is the blog for you!


If you’ve clicked on this blog then your dog is most likely one of those pups that likes to chew. Like, seriously chew. Whether it’s a chair leg, a skirting board or your shoes… they always seem to find the worst thing to have a gnaw on!

Doghouse have been selling tough toys for nearly 4 years now, so we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to the ones your dog can really get their teeth into. 

So you may be wondering… which are the best toys for my dog that’s a heavy chewer? We like to call heavy chewers, destroyer dogs! If you’re familiar with the sight of a living room filled with stuffing then you most likely have a destroyer dog too!

This selection of the toughest toys on the market have been tried and tested but remember… no toy is indestructible! We recommend giving these toys to your dog for a few hours at a time and not leaving them with your dog all the time, that way they’ll likely last longer but also it keeps the excitement going for your pup too.


tuffy toys for dogs

These toys come in a huge variety of styles from Octopus to Sharks, from Pigs to Elephants! They have been tested on lions and tigers and have multiple layers of reinforced stitching to stand up to the tougher chewers. Made with industrial grade luggage material which had been recycled so they’re kinder on the environment too. 

Each toy comes with their own rating on a durability scale so you can choose the right one for your dog. 

From £10.00.



This humble ball (can a ball be humble?!) is one of our most durable toys. A foam ball that is virtually indestructible, note the virtually, we wouldn't be so bold as to claim it is completely indestructible.... but we have sold in excess of a thousand of these dog balls and have not yet had one complaint! So one cannot help but feel a little confidence in the durability of this simple foam ball.

From £4.00.


west paw zogoflex toys

These toys are super tough with a few being designed specifically for heavy chewers, so you know they’re going to be solid! Some can be joined together, you can hide treats in others, or others are just great for throw and catch. 

From £14.99.



ruffwear water toys

Natural latex rubber, resilient toys that are super durable. Its irregular shape creates an erratic bounce, and it has a treat-dispensing design for interactive play and reward. They also float for play on land or water!

From £18.00.


orbee tuff planet dog toys

These Planet Dog toys have been called the “World’s Best Dog Ball” by canine industry experts. They have their own Durability Scale, so you can choose the level of tuff-ness that suits your dog. Made from natural, non toxic rubber and can be stuffed with treats or dog friendly peanut butter for longer lasting play time! From light chewers to the most aggressive, these toys will keep the whole pack wagging. 


From £18.00.


hugglehounds toys

Tuffut technology, designed specifically by Hugglehounds, provides extra durability and the multiple squeakers add another layer of fun to the game! Come in a huge array of cute styles from Lobsters to Whales, Frogs to Cows!

From £10.00.

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