Welcome to our handy size guide to help you get the right size for your Sausage Dog.



Grab your tape measure and get measuring!

This size guide is the same for our Dachshund T-Shirts too.


dachshund fleece jumpers


Dachshund’s are known for their long bodies and that’s why these fleeces are designed just for them. They’re longer than your average dog fleece but small enough to fit their little bodies into. Plus, we make sure the belly strap is high up enough so that male dogs can’t wee on them!

We advise your dog to be in standing position when measuring them to get the most accurate measurements as their back elongates when they are sat.

TOP TIP: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a folded piece of paper and mark it with a pen, then measure that piece of paper with a ruler after. Or ask a neighbour if they've got a tape measure and get that community spirit going!

We have a new size called a New Medium which you can see on Hudson below. This is a new size we have developed for dogs that were finding the Small a bit snug and the Medium a bit baggy! Please note: our old Medium is now called Large, see details below.

size guide for dachshund fleece jumpers


Please note: This is the size of the garment, not the size of your dog.



Measure from your dog’s withers to the base of their tail. Their withers are that little bony bit between their shoulder blades. These fleeces are designed come up a couple of inches from your dog's tail so bare that in mind when deciding on a size. 

Please note: this is the length of the back, not the length of the whole garment. The neck adds another 5cm.

This will be measurement A on the diagram below.


Measure around your dog’s neck, generally where their collar would sit.

This will be measurement B on the diagram below.


Measure from underneath their armpits around the widest part of their chest.

This will be measurement C on the diagram below.


how to measure your dachshund fleece jumper size guide

Once you've measured your dog, choose the appropriate size from the Size Chart. If you are in between sizes, we've found it best to size up as it's better to be a little loose than too tight to get on! We've also found some of our customers purchase both sizes if they're not sure, then simply send back the one that doesn't fit for a refund to save you the hassle of having to wait around for the new one.



Important: Size Large used to be called Medium (before 6th May 2021) - if you have bought a Medium from us in the past and you would like the same again, please purchase a Large from now on.

Our Extra Small fleeces are designed for very teeny Dachshunds or Dachshund puppies. They are fairly long but we think this gives the most amount of growing room for your money - no one wants to buy a jumper that only lasts a couple of weeks right?!


Your love for these fleeces has been overwhelming and we can't thank you enough for your support. As a special treat, you can use code SIZEMATTERS for 10% off all our fleeces for a limited time!

Happy shopping!




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