Witney Dog Rug Coat - Doghouse
Witney Dog Rug Coat - Doghouse
Witney Small Dog Rug Coat

Witney Small Dog Rug Coat

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This show-stopping dog coat is made from genuine Early's of Witney wool, instantly recognisable from it's horse blanket roots, this coat offers the unbeatable thermal properties of wool and although it won't keep your dog dry in the rain, it will wick the wet away following a rainy walk or a bath.

This Witney Dog Coat is made for us in Lancashire by Friday Fox and following extensive research and feedback from customers the coat is cleverly cut to fit over the head without a front fastening, thus avoiding the issue of the front velcro coming undone when your hound is pushing through the hedges or tearing around the field! We have found in practice that it simply sits further forward on stockier dogs and further back on finer dogs thus finding its natural fit.

Measure your dog from the nape of the neck to base of the tail and select the closest size.

Made from 100% Witney Horse Blanket Wool.

Sizes available:

12" / 30cm

14" / 35cm

16" / 40cm

18" / 45cm (best for Medium Dogs)

Please measure your dog before ordering to ensure you receive the correct size.

The 35cm is our most popular and fits the majority of Jack Russell and Patterdale type terriers. Smaller terriers and slightly built females might want the 30cm size, while the 40cm fits larger Parsons Russell type terriers, small beagles and similar dogs.

Also available for Whippets and Dachshunds.