Road Kill Fox Dog Toy - Doghouse
Road Kill Fox Dog Toy - Doghouse

Road Kill Fox Dog Toy

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The Road Kill Fox dog toy is the perfect toy for the destroyer dog in your life.  These quality dog toys are beautifully made with attention to detail and a beautifully plush coat, they have no stuffing and their flat belly even has a cheeky tyre print embroidered across it!* Each fox toy has a ball inside the head to give it some shape and weight, no stuffing and a squeaker in the tail. 

Although these are designed for destroyer dogs they are not indestructible (it usually takes Sparky a month or so before he tears his apart) but at least if your dog does dismember it you won't come home to a lounge full of white stuffing!

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Small measures 11" from top to tail.
Large measures 18" from top to tail.

*Please be assured that no foxes were harmed during the making of this toy.