Pro Slicker Brush - Doghouse
Pro Slicker Brush - Doghouse
Pro Slicker Brush - Doghouse
Pro Slicker Brush - Doghouse

Pro Slicker Brush

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Double-Sided Pro Slicker Brush

Our favourite slicker brush!

All Mikki de-matting products have micro-serrated edges and are made from stainless steel to ensure long lasting quality and excellent results.

Removes moulted hair, knots and tangles. Ergonomically designed for effective use. Rubber handle insert. One side has short pins for sensitive areas. The other side has long pins for more dense, matted areas. Flexible head for easy grooming.

Instructions of use:

Ensure your pet's coat is clean and dry. Use the long/hard pin side on dense or knotted areas. These pins are designed to get right down into the undercoat. For delicate areas, use the short/soft pin side. Begin with a soft stroking action to ease through any knots or tangles. The innovative flexible head is designed to deliver a gentle brushing experience for your pet.

For weekly maintenance:

Brush vertically with the Pro Slicker handle pointing towards you and downwards. Repeat the brushing action so that your arm moves in a circular motion. For best results, use Pro Slicker as part of a weekly maintenance routine in conjunction with a Grooming Comb.

Important: keep out of reach of children. Use extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges.