Pooch & Mutt probiotic meaty treats for skin and coat
Pooch & Mutt probiotic meaty treats for skin and coat

Pooch & Mutt Shrimp & Coconut Probiotic Meaty Treats for Skin & Coat

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Pooch & Mutt Probiotic Supplement Treats for Your Dog

Grain-Free, Junk-Free | Probiotic for Digestion | Collagen for Skin & Coat | Good Mood Food for Dogs by Pooch & Mutt.

A complementary food for dogs.

Natural Ingredients

Over 99% natural ingredients. As our food is made where grains may be present there's a tiny chance that some may have snuck in. We do everything in our power to prevent this.

Packed with meaty deliciousness these tasty treats are bursting with added benefits to help give your pooch a healthy, glossy coat.
Omega 3 From tasty shrimp, flaxseed & microalgae
Collagen Essential for the formation of healthy skin
Vitamins C, E, Zinc & Biotin, key coat care nutrients
Melon Extract Contains natural powerful antioxidants
Probiotics Helps digestion and nutrient uptake to maintain skin & coat quality

At Pooch & Mutt we've created an enhanced selection of natural meals, treats and supplements that does good and tastes good; to give your pet the optimal ingredients needed to aid their mood and behaviour, paw in paw with their physical health.


Shrimp Protein (26%), Pea Flour, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein (10%), Collagen (8%), Red Lentils, Pumpkin, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver (5%), Dried Coconut (2%), Flaxseed (2%), Dried Algae (1%), Fulvic Acid (0.5%), Cantaloupe Melon Extract (0.01%), Lactobacillus Acidophilus HA - 122 Inactivated (15x10^9 cells/kg)

Use as a reward, feeding table shown above. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. For canine use only.
Suitable for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old.

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