Green Rolled Leather Dog Lead - Doghouse
Green Rolled Leather Dog Lead - Dogs and Horses
Green Rolled Leather Dog Lead - Dogs and Horses

D&H Rolled Leather Lead Green

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Handmade Leather Dog Lead

This beautiful rolled leather dog lead is hand made for us in London by Dogs & Horses using the finest real Italian Napa Leather rolled around a strong webbing core, making it amazingly soft yet thoroughly strong. The bright green leather has made this one of our best selling dog leads this season.

matching rolled leather dog collar is also available to complete your set. These collars are highly recommended for curly breeds, as the leather doesn't mat the curly fur nearly as much as a flat collar! So perfect for any Poodles, Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos etc.

Stitching is lifetime guaranteed, so simply return to us if this ever unravels. 


1.3m long, 1cm thick.

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