7 Best Halloween Toys for Your Dog This Spooky Season

Make your dog do some tricks for these treats!

halloween treats and toys for dogsSpooky season is around the corner and there’s no better time to get your four legged friend involved in some Halloween fun! Whether you liked dressing them up, taking them trick or treating with you, or simply having them as a cuddle buddy when you’re watching scary movies, this list of our top Halloween toys will be sure to keep them entertained.

After the year we’ve had, don’t you think they deserve some fun too?!

These scarily good dog toys will be sure to be a hit, so have a browse and chews your favourite, all available to shop directly from Doghouse online and in-store.

Have a good howlllll-o-ween!


Vampire Teeth Dog Toy

vampires teeth dog toy

These squeaky, crinkly, plush vampire’s teeth will be sure to make your guests chuckle at your next halloween pawty. Your dog might look a little funny walking around with them in their mouth too! Machine washable and dryer friendly so you don’t have to worry about a little mess either. Watch your furry friend howl with joy!


SODAPUP Pumpkin Treat Dispensing Toy

halloween pumpkin treat dispensing dog toy

This jack-o-lantern treat toy has so many benefits that will last long beyond halloween! It’s a slow feeder, so great for dog’s that gobble down their meals too quickly. It’s also great for chewing so it can help puppies with their sore gums. It can help reduce boredom by stuffing it with treats and peanut butter, and can reduce separation anxiety when dog’s are left alone they have something fun and tasty to play with!

The options are endless when it comes to stuffing it too, check out Remmi the Weimaraner on Instagram for some inspiration!



SODAPUP Vampire Bat Nylon Chew Toy

vampire bat chew toy

This ultra-durable nylon toy is designed and built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. If you don’t fancy coming back to chewed skirting boards or gnawed table legs, try giving your dog this nylon bat this Halloween instead - it’ll be far less terrifying for you and much more enjoyable for your dog!

From £8.95.

SODAPUP Skull Treat Dispenser Chew Toy


Stuff this durable skull toy with all your dog’s favourite treats and they’ll definitely thank you for it! Instead of brains spilling out, why not try mash potato, liver paste, peanut butter, banana or even wet dog food. There’s unlimited choice when it comes to the fun you can have with what to put inside this tough treat dispensing toy! Plus it comes in black or pink so you can chews the one that suits your pup best.


Treat Dispensing “Snack” Snake


This simple yet ingenious dog toy will last you long past Halloween! It’s clever design means you can hide small snacks in it’s belly, or you could rub peanut butter or liver paste along it to create a mind stimulating toy to occupy your pup for hours. Plus, the bendy rubber means it’s sporadic movements will keep your dog on their toes!


ChuckIt Max Glow in the Dark Ball


Nothing terrifying about this ball, but it is pretty cool. Using natural daylight to charge during daytime hours, this ball comes alive at night! It doesn’t require batteries or plugging in, simply charge it using the sun, a torch, or even by candlelight if that’s your kinda thing. Max Glow products are made with a safe, high quality photo luminescent material that is both chemically and biologically inert. You’ll never lose your dog’s favourite ball again in the dark!

From £5.99.

Howl-o-ween Box of Gore Natural Treats

halloween dog chews

Now it's not strictly a toy, but you can't have Halloween without some treats! This treat box is full to the brim with gore-y natural treats guaranteed to make you scream! Not for the faint of heart, you’ll find all your dog’s favourites - chicken feet, pig snouts, furry ears and more. Suitable for those on a raw food diet and an excellent natural selection of treats for pups from the age of 3 months.



There you have it! Our top Halloween selection for your four legged friends to enjoy this October.



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