ultimate grooming kit for cockapoos

Slicker Brush and Comb - The Ultimate Doodle Grooming Duo

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All you need for your doodle's daily grooming!

These two tools are the ultimate grooming tools for a happy, knot free dog.

The video below explains in full how to use this slicker brush and metal comb to get rid of all knots on your dog's body, legs, face and tail.

We cannot recommend enough how useful these items are in keeping your dog matt free, and the more you keep up with their brushing schedule, the longer and fluffier you can keep your dog's coat.

How to Use

1. The Pro Slicker Brush goes first - this gets all the knots and tangles out of your dogs top layer and keeps them knot free on top.

2. This is then followed by the Metal Comb - this gets further down and reaches your dogs skin to reach the knots that you may have missed with the Slicker and that can form pesky mats over time if left.

We advise every customer with a high maintenance breed who comes to our grooming salon to purchase these two tools.

We’ve created this handy bundle so you can save money and time!

Pro Slicker & Comb - great for most dogs that need grooming such as Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Standard Poodles etc.

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Show this fantastic duo in action in our video guide below: