Fantastic Foam Frisbee - Doghouse
dura foam frisbee for dogs
viszla using a frisbee for dogs
dura foam frisbee for dogs
dura foam frisbee for dogs

Durafoam Super Tough Foam Frisbee

Regular price £10.00

A Super Tough Frisbee that Your Dog Will Love

This frisbee is made from the same durable foam as our fantastic foam ball and we have had the same terrific feedback on the durability of this frisbee.

It flies brilliantly, it floats and it is very, very durable. Perfect for beach trips, long walks by (and in and out of) the river, or simply a throw around in the garden. Safe for your dog's teeth too.

It can even double as a water bowl on walks!

Colour may vary between yellow, purple and blue. Let us know your preference at checkout if you'd like a particular colour.

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9" in diameter