nail clipping bundle for dogs

Easy Nail Clipping Bundle

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The ultimate bundle to help with trimming your dog's nails at home.

If you've noticed your dog's nails are getting a little too long or scratchy, or they're starting to curl in on themselves, it's time to trim. Follow our detailed step by step video guide below on how to safely cut your dog's nails.

This bundle includes Mikki Nail Clippers, our Organic Peanut Butter for Dogs and a Chase and Chomp bone to spread the paste onto to distract your dog while you get to work on their pawdicure.

This delicious natural organic peanut butter is sure to keep them busy and occupied at a time when they could be their most fidgety.

The Chase and Chomp bone sticks to most clean, smooth surfaces such as glass, tiling, laminate flooring, windows, bathtubs are more.

Plus, save £2 off the total cost of these items together.

How to trim your dog's nails safely at home using these nail clippers: