Slip Leads for Dogs
Slip Leads for Dogs
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Slip Leads for Dogs

Slip Training Leads for Dogs

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Rope Neon Slip Lead for Dogs

Super soft neon rope slip lead by Dog & Co. Slip lead easily 'slips' over your dog's head or simply create a figure of 8 to help train dog's that always pull.

Although it's not a quick fix for dog's that always pull, it can be a useful aide in training over time.

Originally designed for working and gun dogs due to the ease of control and safely slipping the loop over the dogs head. Using the metal clip you also have the ability to create a figure of 8 halter, which can aid in stopping your dog pulling on its' lead.

How to Use

1. Slide the stopper far down the lead, to create a large loose circle.
2. Slip the loose circle over your dog's head
3. Underneath the dog’s chin, twist the loop in half to make a figure of 8
4. Bring the half up over the dog's muzzle

5. Make sure it's not too tight and you're ready for walkies!

Available in a range of bright, neon and reflective colours:

  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Yellow
  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Orange

The reflective stripes provide the benefit of high visibility at night time. 

Machine washable. Air dry.


120cm in length.

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