Beeztees Puppy Cuddle Bunny Blanket Toy

Beeztees Puppy Cuddle Bunny Blanket Toy

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Hooray! Your new puppy has finally arrived. Just the presence of your pup around the house, will make simple daily moments even nicer. You are going to explore the world together and go on a lot of adventures on the way. Luckily it will take a while for your pup to grow up. So first up: enjoy play time with your pup.

The first weeks at home will be super exciting. Not only for you, but especially for your little pupper. In most cases the breeder allows you to put a small rag in the nest, which can absorb the scent of the mother and the nest. This adorable puppy bunny blanket is the perfect toy for transitioning from their litter into your new home. Super soft, super cute and your pup will love it!

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Size: 31x31cm.